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Just like everywhere else in this world, evil exists in stamp collecting in the form of ripping of gullible people and collectors alike.For some people, its all about the money, not the collecting principle and morality. Trust me, I have experienced it and see it online in auctions all the time. So just like latin saying goes,CAVEAT EMPTOR, BUYER BEWARE!

..We are not here t make any money off of you!

[i]I omitted names and company info…but you have to wonder how many people fall for this. I hope this will enlighten people out there.

>> > To Whom It May Concern:
>> I am dropping you a line with hopes that you can help me out with a few
>> questions I might have. Within the last couple years, I made several
>> decisions which may end up being costly.
>> I purchased some stamps from a business in *************. I have not been
able to touch base with them as the
>> phone number listed with their literature is always busy. I purchased
>> from them three or four sets of stamps. This being my first foray into
>> stamp collecting, I looked at it as being a sound investment.
>> The first set I purchased was a set that included a set of Elvis Presley
>> commemorative inverted center stamps from St. Vincent. It also included
>> the 40th Royal Wedding Anniversary inverted Center Stamp Error from St.
>> Vincent which I was able to find in a 1994-1995 edition of ***************** World Catalog.
>> The next set I purchased consisted of the following: Andrew & Fergie
>> Royal Wedding Montserrat/ Stamp Error Pair which is basically a set of
>> stamps that does not have the value on the error pair. It also had an
>> Andrew & Fergie Royal Wedding: Grenadines of St. Vincent (two different
>> sets). Once again, it appears as though the error is that there is no
>> listed value for the stamp on the stamp.
>> The third set of stamps that I purchased was a set of 1938 three cent
>> Thomas Jefferson Stamp Errors. It is a block of six where the error
>> appears to be that the perforation wasn't set correctly and cuts through
>> the body of the stamp.
>> The sets come with *********** Certificates of
>> Authenticity...though I guess I don't put much stock in that considering
>> I can't seem to get ahold of them at the moment. Just curious as to
>> whether you can tell me anything about the sets of stamps I had invested
>> in which are all supposedly relatively new to the marketplace with the
>> exception of the Royal Wedding Anniversary Stamps in that first set.
>> Your feedback is appreciated.
>> Best Regards,

Another persons story..I omitted names and business info.

After being harangued on the telephone for months by an individual representing ******* Philatelics, I slowed down my busy day and listened to what this individual had to say. I was sold a set of Elvis Presley Commemoraive Imperforate Inverted Printing Stamp Errors complete with certificate of authenticity. This transaction was done via Federal Express (note no postal laws violated). I paid a total of $1400 with a guarantee that I would make at least 30% within 1 year. This transaction was completed on 8/18/2003. I figued well let's see what happens with this and this would be the end of it.

I was wrong.

This salesperson with ******** Philatelics contacted me about every two weeks trying to sell me another stamp, my answer was No until the transaction of 10/3/03. Salesperson called, fast talking as usual and I must have been tired or exasperated and I bouth 2 15c St Vincent Inverted Centers Error Stamps for a total of $2200, again via Federal Express.

Thought this was the end of it, wrong again.

I don't even have a receipt for the next transaction. This one initiated by the same salesperson representing the same company. This time I was sold a pair of Trans Mississippi Exposition Stamps COMPLETE WITH CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY for a total of $1500. Transaction completed 27 Sep 04 via Federal Express. Guess what? This time the name and state of originating company changed to ****** PHILATELICS, BOULDER CITY, NV 89005 - Person's name on the return address is **********

I was contacted again in December 0f 2004 to purchase some more stamps. I inquired about the present investment I made, in that a year had passed and I yielded nothing thus far. I made myself clear in no uncertain terms, no purchases until I yield a gain on one of the three I already purchased. That was the end of that and I did not hear from this person again.

In 2005, 2006 or 2007 I did write a letter explaining my stance and felt as though I was ripped off. Again no reply.

Interesting that every business card that accompanies these orders has no point of contact - in this I mean a name of a person.

Now for what made me file this report on this date. I received a phone call while I was working in my office this evening and guess what they were selling? This individual gave me the same spiel that I had and damn if it didn't sound like the same person that used to call me. My caller ID says PRIVATE CALLER, so they are calling from an unlisted number or blocked the call. The person stated their name a ******** Gibson and that he was located in Henderson, Nevada and he had a guaranteed safe investment for me. I explained my stance and experience and stated I was not anxious to repeat it. Insistent, he even offered to split the lot in half so I would only have to pay $600. I asked what I was supposed to do with the stamps I currently have and he said if I purchased something from him maybe he could help me with what I currently have. Famous last words. I asked him what happened to ******* Philatelics and he said the owner had passed away, and so young only in his 50s. I asked what happened to **** clients, how were they handling their investments. He said***** clients were referred to other Philatelic companies such as his and he had about 30 of *****clients.

I don't know about the rest of you but I feel ripped off and I think ******** or *********Philatelics just changes states whenever it gets too hot for them to handle.

******* Texas
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