Inverted India 4 Anna

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Inverted India 4 Anna

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The 4 anna "Inverted Head" of India is one of the legendary rarities in 19th century philately. Ever since the first one was publicly exhibited in 1874 at the Royal Philatelic Society of London this major error has fascinated generations of collectors and has been sought after by most of the world's most prominent philatelists. To date, there are just twenty-seven confirmed examples of this stamp, only three of which are cut square. Why the vast majority of these rarities are cut to shape is a matter of some speculation. The most popular scenario is that these errors were discovered very early on and some of the printed albums of the period had illustrations of the error, but in what looked like a cut square fashion. So, it is believed that many of these were cut to shape by early collectors to match the space provided in the album
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