Please follow these procedures when posting images!

How to use Photo Bucket in place pictures on this website forum

Please follow these procedures when posting images!

Postby krogoth » Fri Feb 21, 2014 7:26 pm

If you have a scanned image on your computer or you want to post an image from the internet you can load them to Inverted Center, via a free image storage program called Photobucket.

To set up a totally free account with Photobucket: Go to

When you log in you will be taken to the Photobucket home page. Select the upload option via a drop down menu on the 'wheel' icon.

Preset your upload size to ensure images can be loaded to Stampboards- select the 600 X 800 option:

In the upload screen there are options for uploading from your computer or from the Internet:

If you select the Internet upload, just cut and paste the image URL into the post box.
If you select drag/drop/browse select the image you want from the pictures saved to your own computer.
In either case, when the image is saved into Photobucket just double click and links will appear on the right of the screen- make sure you select the IMG code option


The image is now in a format ready to load onto inverted centers. All you need to do is
copy and paste the IMG code link and paste it into your Inverted Center post box:

Hit the PREVIEW Button, and that shows you all is correct with your image and your post. If it is not, you can play around with it BEFORE hitting 'SUBMIT' after which, all members can see your post.

When all looks correct, hit Submit and your image will appear in the post
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