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NYASSA Inverted Stamps

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In one of the many reprints, undertaken in 1903, it would appear that through a genuine error one sheet (50 stamps) of each value was printed with an inverted center (as the stamps were bi-coloured, the black border was printed first, then the coloured center printed subsequently) and was released to the Nyassa postal market. Demand was so high for these amongst collectors that to take advantage of it Waterlows subsequently, in 1922, printed 20 sheets (1,000 stamps) of each value with inverted centers solely for the philatelic market. An overwhelming proportion of inverted examples on the market today were therefore printed as a result of this "deliberate error", and as it is possible, through careful examination, to tell the difference between the 1903 printing and the 1922 printing, it is possible to determine whether an inverted center is the result of a genuine, or deliberate, error.

This is courtesy of the following link http://www.nyassastamps.co.uk/1901.html
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