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                                     WORLD COLLECTION

                                     I have followed many auctions, especially the Balner, Cunliffe and Mahendra auctions
                dedicated to inverted center stamps from the world. The lots they listed included very important inverts
                 and very expensive ones. They also had lots with stamps that were not displayed and thrown in with
                 others that I think they thought were not of importance enough to be displayed. Not sure why. From
                 what I see inverts from the richer countries are given more importance, which of course means more
                 money and better commissions for the auction houses. For I have seen rarer stamps from third world
                 countries go for a lot less than ones from wealthier ones. Thus when I refer to these auctions and say
                not listed, it means that I have not seen it but it is possible they were in there gathered lots. Regardless,

                to me every inverted center stamp is of importance to be displayed and shown. I have collected and hid
                my stamps for over thirteen years. Now it is time to share with the rest of my fellow collectors and non
                 collectors the beauty in these rare and wonderful errors that some never knew they ever existed. And
                what better way than create a site just for that purpose. I still remember the first time I came across the
                Balner auction in 2001 and saw how many existed from so many different countries. I was astonished
                    and of course it got me in collecting strictly inverts! Who can forget the inverted Jenny used in
                                                     Brewsters Millions?

                  I have included in my collection, any inverted center stamp ,wether it is a printers waste,proof, old

               counterfeits,forgeries.. Not modern replicas ones though. Also Christmas Seals, official seal stamps. Some
                  inverts I have yet to come across again. Some it has taken me many years of searching thru online
                 auctions over and over and still no luck. I have created a want list of some stamps that I would like to
                 acquire. So am still on the prowl looking till this day. There are also newly created or issued inverted
                 centers that are not cataloged and unkown..Those are the gems I would like to acquire. So if you are a
                 person who collects or who happens to have come across any and would like to sell or at least share
                                          with me this new discovery, please email me.


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